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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Once I've submitted the online order form, am I guaranteed the tickets I've chosen?

  • What if the tickets I order are no longer available?

  • When will my credit card be charged?

  • How long will it take before I receive my tickets?

  • Once I place an order am I allowed to cancel?

  • Why can't I buy just a single or odd numbered amount of tickets ?

Questions About Ticket Brokers

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  • Do brokers usually get tickets at "face value" or less ?

  • How do brokers determine how much to charge for their tickets?

  • Ticket brokers refer to what they do as "providing a service". Can you elaborate ?

  • I can understand a service charge but for some events brokers charge five to ten times over the face value. How can they justify this?

Security Questions & Privacy Policy

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  • Is it safe to enter my credit card information at

  • Privacy Policy